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Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is very important to us and we do everything to collect only the data that is really necessary for order processing and for reliably running our services. We make sure the data is protected using modern protection strategies. In this privacy policy we describe what is collected and how it is used.

Note: this english translation is provided to inform our english speaking customers. In case there are any discrepancies, the German version is binding. Only the German version contains all the specific information required for the German DSGVO laws.

Content & Privacy Contact:

Leo Grapendaal
E-Mail: office(at)fobs(dot)eu

Contact FOBS GbR:

FOBS GbR Viller 32
47574 Goch, Deutschland
Telefon: +49 2837 663 1005

Data collected when accessing this website

This website does not include any third party tracking frameworks like Google Analytics. However every time you use your web browser to access a website in the internet, it transmits some basic data. This includes for example your IP address, your operating system, the browser language, browser type and some more data. Also we will know the time of the access. Please refer to your browser vendor to find more details about what data is being sent.

Every site access is automatically written to a log file and it can contain the information just described (this is the standard configuration for most web servers on the internet).

We don't give your data to any other external party. We only use it for basic internal statistics which are not user-specific. (E.g. the number of visitors and the amount of traffic generated)

Data collected while subscribing

We store the data you enter while subscribing (for instance your name, e-mail address, VAT-number etc). We use the collected data to send messages. We do not give this data to external parties. Our messages are distributed using the so-called Controlled Circulation model.

Controlled Circulation is a business model for magazines, used by specialist and special-interest journals. The subscription is free, but only for qualified readers belonging to a target audience defined by the publisher. A CC magazine therefore derives its income completely or for a large part from advertisements.

In general CC-magazine potential subscribers are required to provide information regarding their professional status in order to qualify for a subscription. The provided detailed information replaces the subscription fee. The information provided by the reader, is used to determine if the reader belongs to the target audience of our distribution of information. The data could also be used to provide specific information to subgroups of our audience (for example: ‘only to fencing installers’). Also, answers to our questions could be used to, via anonymised data, write and distribute articles. (for example: discussing the average payment terms per country based on a survey question).

Data collected while downloading our magazine

We collect data during downloading. We store per subscriber, when which publication was downloaded. We use this information to feed our reminder-service. This service reminds those who have not yet downloaded the latest issue after a few weeks.This is a well-used service. We also use the download information to provide an overview of non-downloaded issues to our readers.
Furthermore we use the information to generate statistics, used to determine the best delivery moment and the reach of the information we distribute.

Other external infrastructure we use

For part of our own emails (those we send and receive), we use the Google services. We have activated all available security enhancements offered by Google. Google is located in the USA.

Your Data

If you want to know which personal data we have saved about you please send an e-mail to office(at)fobs(dot)eu.

Deletion of your Data

If you want us to delete your data please send an e-mail to office(at)fobs(dot)eu. We will then delete everything if there is nothing (e.g. invoicing laws) that requires us to keep the data.

Correction of your Data

If you want us to correct any collected data please send an email to office(at)fobs(dot)eu.

Revocation of data processing

Every data processing which required an explicit user-agreement, can be revoked at any time. To do that send a short e-mail to office(at)fobs(dot)eu

You can also discontinue the delivery of our automated messages by using the link in the bottom of our e-mail messages. You will then be unsubscribed from the used mailing list (for instance the email providing the download-link to the new issue) without any human intervention.

External Services used

Here a  summary of the external services we use:
    •    Google Apps (Mail, calender etcetera) (
    •    Transip bv (Hoster of  our webs services) (

Further questions

If you have any further questions, please send an email to office(at)fobs(dot)eu. We will reply as soon as possible.

Updates to this privacy policy

There may be updates to this privacy policy in the future. You will be notified about them via e-mail or our website.
Version: 1.00. Valid from May 2018.