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Join the Fence Of Fame

Name signs are something special for every fencing installer. You advertise with them, but you also sign every fence you are proud of with them. We have written a lot about them already - and we even played a game with name signs in the past.

During our after work drinks last Friday here at the FOBS editorial offices, we had a great idea: we are building a Fence of Fame at the exhibition in Nuremberg! A fence filled with name signs of fencing installers. And no ordinary signs, but signed ones. Just because it would be super cool, if there was a fence that was signed by all of the fencing installers.

So here is our call: take a name sign from the stack, get a permanent marker and sign it. Just anywhere on the front, in a free corner. If you wish, you can also put the names of all of your employees on the back.
Send the signed sign to our editorial offices: FOBS Magazine, Frauenstrasse 21, 47574 Goch, Germany.

Large and small, plastic or aluminium - all kinds of signs can enter. We hope you will be visiting the Perimeter Protection of course. You could take a nice selfie there, in front of the Fence of Fame. But even if you are not coming, please send us your sign anyway.

When you like our idea: please send your sign before Christmas, so we know how many panels and posts we have to arrange for (manufacturers who would like to sponsor: please report to us!). And please email us at hello(at)fobs(dot)eu saying you will be sending us a sign, so we don’t have to wait next to the mailbox, being all anxious.

There are no prizes to be won, but everyone who sends in a sign will get a commendation in FOBS Magazine of course.

After the exhibition we will find a good spot for the fence, where it can stay without vandals or aluminium thieves having easy access to it. Your sign will definitely not end up in the scrap container.

We are counting on you!

PS: Help us reach as many people as possible -> forward this message to all of the subcontractors and friendly fencing installers in your contact list. The more signs, the cooler the Fence of Fame will be!


It is the most unrewarding job in the industry. It is on nobody’s business card and you usually get assigned to it unasked. But it is a job that takes up a lot of time. Time that is not being paid for and keeps you from your actual job enormously. And yet someone has to do the job, because otherwise an entire construction site is on hold and that creates a lot more problems.

We are talking about the idiot-bringservice of course. Instead of ‘idiot’ we have also heard quite some different words, but we are a civilised magazine, so we will not repeat those.

Fencing Installer for Life

The mere fact that somebody once left school as a carpenter, does not mean he will stay a carpenter for the rest of his life. Many carpenters change careers at some point, to become a standbuilder, kitchen fitter or furniture maker. Or they start their own general contracting business. 

In our fencing industry it is different. Once you are in it, you will never get out. And that is kind of strange, because it actually is not even an existing profession. To put it another way: it is not an occupation you can learn - there is no education for it anywhere in Europe.   

Fencing Language

Sometimes fencing products have their own unique names. The tension wire holder, for instance. Hardly anybody uses that official name. The Germans call it a Bethke-Klammer (English: Bethke clip), after the name of the factory that primarily manufactures parts for the furniture industry, but just happens to also make tension wire holders. In the Dutch fencing market these same things are called Heineken plugs. Apparently someone was enjoying a bottle of Heineken beer when he had the bright idea to use those furniture plugs as tension wire holders. But that is just a supposition, if anyone knows what the deal really is: please let us know.

Proud of Fencing

People at birthday parties who say that they work at Mercedes or Heineken, instantly get respect and attention. If one were to say he is “in fencing”, he would often get raised eyebrows and would almost always have to explain. What kind of fencing does he mean? People often can not imagine that a job in fencing can also be fun.   

Strangers to the industry have no idea what it involves. The fencing market is a very small market of course, which makes for very few people ever having heard of it. Besides, there is no training to become a fencing installer. So in people’s minds fencing installers are readily classified on the same level as garbage men.